I'm a freelance illustrator with a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University.


I believe in the satisfaction of my customers and have a six year proven track record with clients from around the globe across mediums and styles.


I work with the utmost care and consideration for each project I join. With that in mind, I only take work I believe in.


How does this work?

Process and product.

1. Free consultation. We'll talk about your project and goals. In this meeting we will discuss timeframe and I'll provide an initial cost estimate.

2. Concepts. I'll do some serious work on developing the visual ideas for your project. 10% of the cost estimate is paid to initiate this phase.

3. Contract. We'll review the concept art and determine a final product. The final price is agreed upon, minus the amount paid for the concept phase.

4. I work! This four part phase consists of 3 reviews where I present you with developed work, we'll create a revision list, and I'll go back to work again. 40% of the remaining contract amount is paid to initiate this phase.

5. Invoice and rejoice. The project work is complete. You'll receive digital and physical copies of your work and I will send a final invoice for the remaining 50% of the contract price.


Beth is AMAZING! She is taking our web comic Extinction to the next LEVEL of professional work. We are going to make one of the most popular new web comics thanks to her amazing art and coloring. Hire her you will not be disappointed!

Jordan Troche

Extinction (Comic Book)

The first frame has inspired me to ask [her] to make it a detailed signature art representing Dust Bowl Dancer. Thank you so much for that inspiration. What a beautiful poster concept! It will look stunning on a business card with the title and log line.

James Page

Dustbowl Dancer (Comic Book & Website)

Beth did a great job with artwork that I requested! I have to say that she developed my concept perfectly - all characters are just as I planned. And the fact that she came up with it just from minimum info I provided is a testament to her skills! She's also a great professional, adhering to all deadlines (even if mine were a bit loose) but she still went above and beyond to be flexible and provide everything ahead of schedule. She has my sincere recommendation!

Vladmir Marjanovic


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Beth Varni

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